Quick Home Decor Ideas

If you have had the same décor in your home for years and are ready for a change but don't have the financial resources for a complete redo, you can still revitalize your room with a few quick fixes. Whether you only have a few minutes or a few days to do the job, there are small quick changes that can be made to upgrade your look.

The first step is to assess what changes you want to make, whether it is replacing a fireplace mantel, painting a few walls, arranging potted plants or changing chairs or pillows. Your list will give you a starting point. Small changes can have the greatest impact. Creating a photo gallery with your vintage picture frames may be all that is necessary to change the feel of your room. Here are a few suggestions for livening up your living space.

Paint for a Quick Fix

Nothing changes a room faster than a fresh coat of paint. Liven up your room by painting your walls and ceiling different hues in the same color family. Paint allows you to transform your room into a formal, dramatic or informal, fun space. The right color combination will brighten everything in the room.

If you have a collection, china or collectibles, that you want to have stand out or you just want an eye-popping contrast color, consider painting one wall a bright or dark shade, like a rich red tone. You will have an accent wall that adds interest and drama to your room. If you don't want to paint an entire wall or room, think about just painting an accent color around your windows or doorframe for contrast.


If you don't have the budget to replace your furniture, consider reupholstering to freshen it up. If that is still too much for your budget, furniture covers are available for just about any size sofa or chair. Select your fabric in a neutral shade that won't go out of style quickly. Add color to your room with pillows and throws that can easily be changed when you want a different accent color. You can even change the color seasonally - pale colors for spring and summer and darker tones for fall and winter.

Revive those flea market finds with a coat of paint or fresh fabric that can be attached with a staple gun. If you want a casual look to your room, wicker furniture can be painted any color in a glossy or matte finish to blend, contrast or complement your décor.


Accessories can make or break a room. Finding the perfect balance is key to having a room that is comfortable and not cluttered. If your room is dark or cramped, consider strategically placing mirrors to reflect the light. You can use small accessories with mirrored finishes or hang several framed mirrors on a wall.

You can remove clutter from your room by accessorizing with decorative baskets or boxes. Fill them with important files, stationery or art supplies and put them on shelves as part of your decor.

Whether you display your accessories on shelves or hang artwork or photographs in artsy picture frames on your wall, there are a few things to remember. It is recommended by professional decorators to use odd numbered items. A series of odd number modern picture frames can make a creative display when artfully arranged on your wall. Remember not to crowd items displayed on shelves. You want to enjoy each one individually, but don't forget the artistic impact of grouping your collectibles. If you have a large collection, instead of displaying them all at one time consider rotating pieces from time to time for a different look.


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