Are The Shutters You Are Buying Really Custom Made Or Just Customized?

Many manufacturers of window shutters who make claims that they build custom shutters are actually not offering custom shutters at all but are instead selling pre-built stock shutters that have been customized by cutting them down and hinging them together to make a certain size. This is not the definition of custom made and will give you the horrible end result of shutters that do dot fit your windows as they should. In addition to the shutters not fitting properly they may also have been structurally compromised by this cutting down process that some shutter makers employ.

Another type of shutter that nearly always results in a poor fit and parts that do not have the proper proportions to your windows are synthetic shutters. Because these types of shutters usually employ the use of stiles that are pre-made as well as pre-made rails and louvers which are then cut down to size to make the production process faster.

If you are looking for true custom shutters you should investigate the companies you are considering to be sure of the quality of their craftsmanship. Many of the companies that claim they build custom shutters produce shutters you wouldn't put up on a doghouse much less your own home. If you take the time to do a little research it will save you money and embarrassment.

True custom made shutters are manufactured individually for each window and are made from the same wood with all of the stiles and rails matching each other all through your entire home. There are few companies out there who truly do this. For the best fit you will want someone who comes out and measures each individual window.

If you truly care about having the best looking shutters possible you need to stay away from companies that sell the customized variety that we mentioned earlier and stick to the companies that do things the hard way and actually come out and measure and make the shutters specifically for each window and each home. These craftsmen are few and far between but well worth the effort to find them.

In return for your patience and the extra investment that you will have to make for the custom made shutters you will be rewarded with quality custom made shutters that will fit your windows perfectly and appear to have been built with the building of the house. After all they will be made only for your house and your windows and no one else's.


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